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Author Topic: Literature on the relations between Pencak Silat, Islam, and Music in West Java  (Read 1594 times)

Ilmu Padi

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... entitled: "Self-Defence and Music in Muslim Contexts in West Java" that became available in spring 2011 - some time ago already, therefore. But, as I didn't "mapir di halaman ini" for quite some time, this still could be "news", perhaps.

See here:


to read the full article online. BTW it's of course available as a printer book from Oxford University Press USA as well.

Ilmu Padi
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If I may comment, in page 161, there is written that in spiritual training one of the goal is to "Union with Allah".
the statement itself to general muslim believe, considered as a form of syrk, a big sin.
So is there a mistranslation/understading between the writer and the supposed source from the pesantren?

Ilmu Padi

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Dear reedone816,

your observation is one point of discussion among different Muslim groups in Indonesia until today. We have to acknowledge that the earliest layer of Islam in Indonesia in the 15. - 16. century was built by Sufi Muslim teachers. They used movement and music arts of different kind to spread this Religion. For them, these arts were modalities of "dakwa", that helped to grow the then new Religion there.

Therefore, what may be a 'sin' for the one is a medium of believe to the other.

Salam, Uwe
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