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Author Topic: World Championship Pencak Silat in Bali?  (Read 4545 times)

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World Championship Pencak Silat in Bali?
« on: 09/11/2008 22:03 »
Hi everybody,

Does anyone know something about the letter below? It's an invitation to the World Championship Pencak Silat which will be held in Bali in december. However, I was wondering if it's only meant for selected countries since no one from the Netherlands was aware of this event.

In response to IPSI request, PERSILAT hereby supports and approves IPSI to host the World Championship 2008 and International Festival of Pencak Silat, The event will be held on 18 – 24 December 2008 in Denpasar Bali, Indonenesia.

We have the pleasure to inform you of the following:

1. IPSI will cover the accommodation, meals and local transportation coast for participants during their stay in Bali.

2. Schedule of registration:
a. Confirmation to be submitted by 17 November 2008
b. Entry by number participant to be submitted by 24 November 2008
c. Entry by name participant to be submitted by 9 December 2008

3.If by the time of registration deadline, the total of participating countries is less than 20, the event will be postponed until further notice.

4. Please submit your participation confirmation via email to IPSI
5. The event General Guidelines and other regulation will be provided by IPSI later on.

If there is any question, please contact us at the above email address.
We are looking forward to your supports and participation.
Yours sincerely,

Eddie M Nalapraya
President PERSILAT

Dear brothers and sisters Pesilat all over the world,
With regard to PERSILAT circulation No.p-356/11/08 of Nov.6,2008 which you have
received, kindly please be informed of the following event details of the Pencak Silat
World Championship and International Pencak Silat Festival 2008 as follows:
1. Date and place : December 18th through 24th 2008, Bali – Indonesia
2. Rules and Regulations :2.1. Pencak Silat competition
Persilat Competition Rules and Regulation 2004, all
classes from all categories
(Men A to J + Open, Women A to F + Open, Tunggal
-Ganda – Regu Men & Women)
2.2. International Pencak Silat Festival
Each perticipants shall be given max 10 minutes to
perform their number of Pencak Silat Seni by a
single / pair / massive player or drama silat. Live or
recorded music by participants or by.the OC IPSI
upon request.
3. Confirmation to participate: November 17th 2008

by email to secretaries:

by fax No. (62 21) 841 3815
Entry by number : November 24th 2008
Entry by names : December 9th 2008
4. Facilities provided by IPSI Organizing Committee:
a. Free Board and Lodging
b. Local transport in Denpasar – Bali
5. Time schedule :
December 16th – Arrival of participants
December 17th – Medical check – Weighing – Technical
Meeting and Drawing
December 18th – Opening ceremony - Preliminary Bout
December 19th - Preliminary Round Evening: Festival
December 20th - Quarter final Evening: Festival
December 21st – Quarter final Evening: Festival
December 22nd – Semi Final Evening: Festival
December 23rd – Rest day Evening: Festival
December 24th – Final
December 25th – Merry Christmas – Please enjoy Bali on Christmas Day
December 26th – Bali, the Paradise Island.
December 27th – Selamat Jalan – Auf Wiedersehen – Sayonara - Good Bye – Au Revoir

We do really hope that all PERSILAT member countries could take part in this World
Pencak Silat Championship as well as the International Pencak Silat Festival 2008 .
We look forward to seeing you in Bali.
Sincerely yours,
Oyong Karmayuda
Executive Chairman
Organizing Committee
2008 Pencak Silat World Championship and International Festival
cc. President, PERSILAT
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Re: World Championship Pencak Silat in Bali?
« Reply #1 on: 11/11/2008 20:25 »
Hi Herman,
As far as I know, the Europeans including Netherlands are not attending although they were invited, can you confirm please?


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