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On our book: "The Fighting Art of Pencak Silat and its Music"


Ilmu Padi:
Welcome pesilat,

herewith I want to share information and invite you to our book published by Brill (The Netherlands) in January 2016. Please have a look at the sample chapters offered by Google Books for free following the link below. Further, you will find the login data to the "Companion media website" published together with our book at page XIX in the book.

Please enjoy!

Salam, Uwe U. Paetzold

Ilmu Padi:
Dear all,

some days ago this review of our book by Colin McGuire was published in the MAS 3 Journal:

Enjoy the reading!

Ilmu Padi:
Add On - Online media: Our book comes along with an ancillary media companion website. This password protected website is conceptualized as a "work in progress", it is therefore updated regularly. You will find the website here:
(The ancillary media companion website is best to be viewed with Firefox browser software)

For to omit your further investigation on the access information (i.e. via Google Books), I send the access data herewith:

User name:

Should you have any questions or remarks on the project please do not hesitate to let me know. Enjoy our website !
All the best,
Uwe U. Paetzold


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