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Author Topic: Learning  (Read 5823 times)

Russian Silat

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« on: 18/03/2008 20:01 »
Greetings Sahabat Silat,

I have not participated in this board for awhile, and I have taken the time to begin a study of Malay culture and language a bit.

The more I learn, the more I regret the exchanges which took place before.

It is clear that western and Malay culture have different values, and begin from different starting points.

It is safe to say that we in the west to not have this value as strongly as it exists in Malay culture:

"Berhati-hati bila bercakap."

We are an individualist culture, so it is not our habit to do this:

"Bertimbah perasaan".

The result, unfortunately, can often be this:

"Kesilapan kata-kata yang boleh menyingguan perasaan orang lain."

Oftentimes when we speak, the result is:

"Salah cakap"

We therefore do damage to our "nama" and "maruah".

We do not feel "malu" and the need to avoid it. This is a bad thing when we communicate with people of your culture.

The result of this can be "dendam". This dendam is appropriate, but we in the west do not understand why we are recieving it, because we operate along a different value system.

The result is that we in turn will counter-attack. The ultimate result is nothing good.

Again, I regret the diaogue which has occured in the past, and hope that the future will be more "patut" and "sesuai".

Best Regards,

Russian Silat


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Re: Learning
« Reply #1 on: 18/03/2008 20:32 »
Hello Mr Walls a.k.a Russian Silat,

You are a true student of silat and anthropology!

Thank you for taking time to study Malay culture. Just remember that Malay culture is only a portion of what is Indonesian culture. And as Sahabat Silat, we frown upon those who harbour 'dendam'. Why should we harbour 'dendam' for you? Maybe what we do feel for you is 'sebel' 'kesel' and in the end we think 'emang gue pikirin?' - these sentiments you will not find in whatever books you are reading on Malay culture now, I think!

Some corrections (if you don't mind, Sir!)

- Bertimbah perasaan - should be bertimbang perasaan - remember one silat style called Timbangan? Same root word.
- Maruah - I don't recognize this word. Could you check and come back?

Only two corrections! Way to go!

But most of the 'problems' with you guys are not from what you or any other PCP student ever said. It is obvious that you guys are defending your school and your teacher and that is a good thing. What appears to be regretable is that your teacher is not much of an anthropologist ... but he treads in the areas of culture where he would be do much better if he had more training in (or more instinctive) ethnographical attitudes to facilitate successful field work. Remember you can't learn a culture from books rather you must taste it for yourself.

So the more PCP students visit Tarik Kolot and drop by the Padepokan in TMII Jakarta, visit other schools in Bogor, Bandung, and travel around silat communities here, the better for everyone. I am sure Sahabat Silat will assist you in every way, even bend over backwards to facilitate meetings with our network here, becauise we love silat and do not do the 'dendam' thing.

You and your school are in a unique position in which you can do much for Cimande. Much good, and equally so, much damage. So, yes, it would serve you and your teacher and Cimande and the wider silat community well to be 'hati-hati bila bercakap'.

Nice to have you and Michael back,

Warm salams,
batu kali jadi candi, duka jadi puisi, jagal jadi wali

Russian Silat

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Re: Learning
« Reply #2 on: 23/03/2008 03:57 »

Thank you for your words. I am learning much, and enjoying immensly what your culture has to offer. I try my best to pass along an appreciation for Indonesian culture to my students.

I look forward to traveling in Java and Bali, and may take work in Indonesia or Malaysia for a year or two. My teacher has always encouraged us to see Pencak Silat in its native context.

You are right that we have bhekti for our style and its lineage. Our master is our talari karuhan, and remains my most important and reliable source of information. In fourteen years, he has never misled me, or been mistaken about his facts, even though people have seen him as santer once in awhile.

I must keep senang hati for myself. Therefore I cannot continue to visit this site so long as my teacher is insulted, and not given the hormat he deserves. I will continue to respect other teachers, but as far as Sahabat Silat is concerned, I must be "sirna".

Best of luck to you all.



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Re: Learning
« Reply #3 on: 20/06/2008 20:38 »
Good Evening All And Salam

I'm new guy for this forum. I'm from Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia.
I'm anxious to know about a silat name "Spring 12" which i'm in now. From what my instructor said, this silat was originated from a place call "Mempawah" from Sambas, Kalimantan.

If anybody from sahabatsilat could help me on this particular problem. I need to know more about it.



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Re: Learning
« Reply #4 on: 25/06/2008 10:48 »
If you can show us some of the jurus and application of Spring 12 by posting it in youtube
maybe our friends here can give info about the origin of Spring 12
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Re: Learning
« Reply #5 on: 09/08/2008 21:28 »
Salam perkenalan,

link yg membicarakan ttg spring 12 boleh didapati di sini:


link youtube utk 1 perguruan yg menggunakan permainan spring 12 (sila betulkan sedara tangan awan jika saya tersilap) pula di sini:


Harap sedara2 di Indonesia dapat mengenalpasti perguruan2 di Kalimantan yg mempunyai permainan yg sama.


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